Chocolates and Dimples // Annaliese & Eric

Eric had never spent a Valentine’s Day with someone before so he wasn’t really sure on what people usually did. He was a bit nervous about the whole day in general because he really wanted Annaliese to know that he did like her. There were high expectations for the day so he spent a lot of it wondering what he and Annaliese would end up doing. Deciding to keep it simple, well what he classified as simple, since they weren’t very extravagant people. Picking up a few things on his way back from class he changed into a red dress shirt and dark wash jeans and headed to the art studio. After fixing up the place he sent Annaliese a text, Meet me at the art studio in five minutes? 

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    "Oh! Well as long as that was the reason you didn’t get me one, I guess I can understand your dilemma." and with that...
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    "You see I would have totally gotten you one, but I don’t know which flavor is your favorite. I wouldn’t want to get you...