Party on Fifth Ave // Annaliese & Eric

It was the night of prom and Eric all of a sudden was nervous. All day he had excited jitters and was looking forward to the dance. Around midday though he felt a rush of nerves and started second guessing going and it ended up costing him a good amount of time with his date. Getting ready in a hurry he was sure he looked a mess but he worked with it and when he showed up he was glad he had decided to go. He was unsure of what it would be like or if he would even have fun, those thoughts immediately escaped his mind when he walked in to find everyone having a good time. These people really were his family, they were fun and didn’t judge and they knew how to have a good time even with all the different personalities among them. Walking around looking for one girl in particular he was taken aback when he saw her across the room. Annaliese looked stunning. That’s the only way to describe it. Taking a deep breath and making his way around the room until he was behind her, she as talking with someone. Bringing his hands up he lightly placed them over her eyes and said, “Guess whooooo?”

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    "I do too," He told her quietly as they walked the bustling streets of Manhattan. While there were so many distractions...
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    "I quite like her goofy laugh." she said with a smile, letting out a chuckle. From time to time she’d let her own...